How aligned are your team members?

Does this question make you pause? Then perhaps you could benefit from our consulting services.

When team members align on strategy, growing revenue gets easier. And when growing revenue gets easier, the value of your business naturally grows.

Increasing cohesion among workplace teams requires well-defined systems and procedures. Still, it starts with assessing organizational strategy, mapping the talents of individual team members, and closing gaps that impede top-level performance.

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organizational strategy

How does your organizational strategy measure up? At Ignite, our consultants examine individual and group dynamics and provide objective, relevant, and actionable strategies to help you build an authentic work culture where everyone thrives around a common goal.

Results-driven Consulting

Our consulting agreements are built with measurable action items using real data to move you from where you are to where you want to be. And when we have hit our goal? We happily move on, knowing we served your organization well.

The nuts and bolts.

01. Strategy Assessment Solution

Are you looking for a 30,000 foot view of your firm, your team, and its future? Our Strategy Assessment Solution is a deep dive into your culture, leadership, and talent mapping. Depending on your company size and project scope, we will offer a proposal geared towards your specific needs.

02. Organizational Design

Designing a winning team starts with a clear vision of where your business is headed, and a deep understanding of how you’ll get there. It’s a journey focused not just on “who’s doing what,” but rather, how you can work together to accomplish more by leveraging individual strengths.

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Inspired by Jay Galbraith’s Star Model™, our approach to organizational design utilizes six essential policies.

Our live-it-every-day framework teaches you how to understand your employees’ needs, how they can benefit from specific training, and how their performance might shift as the result of a management change.

03. Putting Strategy into Action

Our team leverages creative planning, white board sessions, and collaborative problem-solving to become your strategic thought partner. We are passionate about taking your vision to a strategy and then to action. We work with you and your team to operationalize your strategic initiatives and cascade your vision through your organization with a prioritized action plan.

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Ready to dive in?

We’ll show you how to utilize data, create trust, and build a high-functioning team that delivers top-level results.