Leadership Development & Coaching

How's Your Leadership Mindset?

Great leaders build great teams and great teams increase productivity, profitability, and brand awareness. They generate staying power.

But how do leaders become great?

Establishing a leadership mindset is the crucial methodology behind our Leadership Development & Coaching Solution. We believe that when leaders are focused on helping others grow, the entire organization benefits from enhanced communication, useful feedback, and unified collaboration toward common goals.

It’s no longer about how one person can rise to a higher level of success, but how an entire team can rise together?

At Ignite, our leadership philosophy is simple.

We believe:

  • Leadership happens at every level.
  • Leaders are self-aware.
  • Leaders inspire other leaders.
  • Leaders are growth-minded.

Using the Co-Active Leadership Model, we introduce clients to the concept of “leaning in” to their innate gifts and talents through a framework of five dynamic leadership dimensions. From Leader Within to Leader in the Field, we explore different styles of leadership from self-authority and direction to partnership and synergy.

We work alongside you and your organization to create systematic and lasting change, using real-time situations and practical strategies for advancing work values, time application/priorities, and collaboration skills.

What’s more, we guide you toward the development of a thriving leadership infrastructure, where introducing core competencies to younger team members leads to a dedicated pipeline of quality talent.

Now, who doesn't want that?
Let's start optimizing your Leadership Mindset today.