Organizational Design

Accomplishing Goals Together.

Designing a winning team starts with a clear vision of where your business is headed, and a deep understanding of how you’ll get there. It’s a journey focused not just on “who’s doing what,” but rather, how you can work together to accomplish more by leveraging individual strengths.

It’s a discipline built on aligning People Strategy with business strategy to define the roles and skillsets of team members, so that job performance and outcomes can soar.

Inspired by Jay Galbraith’s Star Modelâ„¢, our approach to organizational design utilizes five essential policies.

  1. Strategy is your company’s formula for winning.
  2. Structure determines the internal placement of power and authority.
  3. Processes support critical information-sharing and decision-making.
  4. Rewards align employee goals with company goals.
  5. People build the organizational capabilities to execute strategic directions.

Our live-it-every-day framework teaches you how to understand your employees’ needs, how they can benefit from specific trainings, and how their performance might shift as the result of a management change.

We’ll show you how to utilize data, create trust, and build a high-functioning team that delivers top-level results.

There’s never been a better time to build a winning team.

Let's start optimizing your Organizational Design today.