Who We Are

People. Performance. Outcomes.

A leading People Strategy Firm, Ignite Engagement specializes in organizational design and development, working with small to mid-sized companies across the Southeast to transform workplaces with renewed focus, alignment, and spirit.

Our business is People Strategy. Every business needs one.

Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, we view the world through a people lens and work with clients to develop robust game plans designed to maximize talent, optimize outcomes, and build sustainable, authentic work cultures.

In simple terms, we help you unlock your people potential so that you can align your business strategy with your People Strategy.

The Predictive Index

Using The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment Tool, we facilitate the match of people and roles to create vibrant, collaborative work environments with improved employee engagement, communication, and performance.

Nothing drives ROI faster than people.

Let's start optimizing your People Strategy today.