Our Management & People Strategy Solutions are built using methodology from The Predictive Index, so we’re sharing the science behind it, along with a variety of useful tools to help you inspire your teams and drive better results faster.

Workshops are available in both virtual and in-person formats and reinforce the integration of The Predictive Index into your business goals and People Strategy.

The Predictive Index


The Resilience Series

Leading in Crisis
For Executives & Senior Leaders

Team Building Through Change
For Critical Mid-Level Teams

Inspire People to Perform
Mobilize Your Managers to Assemble & Lead High-Performing Teams

Drive Results with Talent
Learn How to Apply PI Solutions to Develop & Execute a Talent Strategy

If you don't understand how people are hardwired, you'll never understand how to motivate them.

In Person

Execute Strategy with Confidence

For Senior Leadership Teams & Direct Reports

  • Identify how the leadership team’s behaviors ensure the success of your strategy or put it at risk.
  • Build a talent strategy that aligns your leadership team behaviors and culture with your strategic goals.
  • Increase chances of aligning your people and business strategies.

Inspire People to Perform

For People Managers, Team Leaders, HR & People Operations

  • Learn how your organization can utilize data to understand what drives your employees.
  • Learn how to leverage the four forces that increase employee engagement.
  • Learn how to use data to decode the unique dynamics and work styles of organizations of any scale, from project teams to large units.

Customize Your Half or Full-Day Workshop

Hiring, Coaching, Organizational Design, and More

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