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The phrase:

“people strategy” is becoming overused, and for good reason.

A quick search for the phrase “people strategy,” and a plethora of HR companies will result on your screen. Why? Because as our world continues to shift and demands on employees grow, retention has suffered. As a result, business owners have realized the importance of investing in their people.

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We aren’t an HR firm.

If you want to talk benefits, 401k, and pay structure, we’re happy to assist you in finding an HR company that is right for you. But we would caution you against stopping there.

A healthy benefits package supports a healthy culture, but it doesn’t drive the culture. That’s where Ignite comes in. We look at culture drivers, and we go deeper—understanding and improving your people, processes, and outcomes. All of these aspects together affect a business; if one suffers, the business cannot survive. We believe this so strongly that our entire logo is based on this truth.

Let’s focus on inspiring people meaningfully.
As a result, your company grows naturally.

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The real problem that Ignite Engagement solves:

Your People.

In a survey of over 1000 respondents by Deloitte, 77% say they have experienced burnout at their current jobs, with one of the biggest drivers being a feeling of lack of support from leadership. In family-owned businesses, this statistic can be even higher, as employees never “escape” the work issues when they get home; in fact, they compound.

Discover how our services will transform your people

Our Team

Ignite Engagement is bi-coastal, with operations based out of Greenville, SC and Portland, OR (and clients everywhere in between). We are a woman-owned firm led by Rachael Reece, with specific expertise in family business management and succession planning. However, we work with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with organizations, teams, and individuals to ignite engagement within their people, boosting profitability and productivity for all.

When we do our job best, you won’t even know we are there; your business will grow naturally because we have helped to grow people personally. And after all, business is personal.