Family Businesses

Business is personal.

and when it’s a family business, it’s even more so!

Not only is your wife your wife, but also she’s your COO. Your daughter will eventually take over the business, but right now she’s more concerned about the car she’ll get for graduation than your P&L. During the holidays, you’re discussing your new product idea with your uncle (and product developer), and on your birthday, the celebration seamlessly transitions from cake in the office to dinner at your parents’ house. And your college roommate-turned business partner will never let you finish a Friday without a round of golf.



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At Ignite, we have a heart for family and closely held businesses. To be sure, the situations can easily get very messy, but we don’t mind being in the “messy middle.” In fact, it’s where we thrive.

EVERY business will experience disagreement, succession planning, and strategic decision making, but in family and closely-held businesses these normal issues often become extremely complex and emotional. We help family businesses identify and address issues related to leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and succession planning. We can also provide unbiased perspectives and facilitate difficult conversations in a safe and confidential space.

There is a unique quality to family or closely held business entities that we enjoy–it is an intensity, loyalty, and love that when steered correctly, can achieve wondrous things. We’ll walk the journey with you, combining personal coaching and consulting with tools and data-driven resources that will help the blurry lines become much more clear.

Exit planning is good business strategy.  Many people wait too long or avoid this hard conversation entirely.  We leverage our experience and training through the Exit Planning Institute in combination with our years of experience working across industry lines to prepare your business so that the timing of your personal exit is less impactful to your business.