Workshops & Retreats

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The Key:

Getting out of the office

We’ve found that during our workshops and retreats personal aspects come out even stronger than in the office. Getting out of the office is part of his equation, but it also comes from the workshops we craft—ones that create brave spaces, encouraging people to show up with courage. Through our guidance, employees begin to put down barriers and more readily admit their strengths and weaknesses. The result? Honest conversations, thoughtful ideas, and new beginnings.

Retreat Planning

We’ll work with your organization to plan a retreat focused on a specific topic, or as part of a larger consulting package. Half-day, full day and multi-day retreats are available that we can customize to meet your needs. Ultimately, we seek to create the environment where your team can thrive away from the daily challenges and pressures of the office.

Ignite Immersion Retreat.

Join Us!

For the first time, we are hosting the Ignite Immersion Retreat for a weekend of rest, reflection, and engagement. Planning is in the works, so we’ll be in touch soon with more details!