Are you a leader?

Did this question make you pause?

Sure, you own a business, but that doesn’t make you a natural leader. Perhaps you had an amazing idea, and your entrepreneurial mind helped you make a business out of it. Or, perhaps your mother or grandfather started the business, and you’ve inherited it.

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Some people are natural leaders. Some find themselves there unexpectedly.

No matter which type of leader you are, your business needs you to be a great leader. Great leaders build great teams, and great teams increase productivity, profitability, and brand awareness. They generate staying power.

But how do leaders become great?

Establishing a leadership mindset is the crucial methodology behind our Leadership Development & Coaching Solution. We believe that when leaders are focused on helping others grow, the entire organization benefits from enhanced communication, useful feedback, and unified collaboration toward common goals.

Remember when we said that business is personal? This is especially true in how we approach coaching. Using the Co-Active coaching philosophy, we’ll introduce you to the concept of “leaning in” to your innate gifts and talents through a framework of five dynamic leadership dimensions. From Leader Within to Leader in the Field, we explore different styles of leadership from self-authority and direction to partnership and synergy.

What we do

We work alongside you and your organization to create systematic and lasting change, using real-time situations and practical strategies for advancing work values, time application/priorities, and collaboration skills.

Professional Guidance

What’s more, we guide you toward the development of a thriving leadership infrastructure utilizing Predictive Index and other assessments, where introducing core competencies to younger team members leads to a dedicated pipeline of quality talent.

The Nuts and Bolts

Our coaching program is available in three separate packages:

01. Ignite your Company

This package is an organization-wide opportunity to build a coaching program that extends throughout the organization or for a “tier” of a company. We will generate a unique quote based on the size of your organization and the number of participants, but this program engages a year-long contract with monthly group sessions, individual 1:1 sessions, and can be paired with a group workshop or retreat.

02. Ignite your Team

Are you growing a new division or looking to inspire one of your teams toward a specific goal? Ignite your Team is a small group package designed to coach a team of less than 15 people through the course of six months or a year. The program includes monthly group sessions, individual meetings, and can be paired with a workshop or retreat. Cost depends on scope.

03. Ignite Yourself

On your own, growth is difficult. But paired with the right coach and the right tools, you can achieve far more than you ever thought possible. With our individual coaching programs, we join you on your journey, and we are with you every step of the way as you make a career decision, negotiate a challenging season, or make plans to take a completely new direction.

Have questions on pricing? Or ready to get started?